My 65 years Experience with Horses

AKA: Stoney Meadows
65 Years with Horses

23 Years with Horses

You get a total of 88 years with Horses

I was born and raised in Placer County, California and have been around horses since I was 10 years of age. I have lived in Latrobe for 30 years. I acquired some of my experiences from my grandfather and others as I went along. I've packed by horse in the mountains in Oregon, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and California.

I have some years of roping and penning. I started competitive mounted shooting in 1994. This sport requires riding at full speed while shooting balloons on different styled courses (65 different courses). In the beginning I was the only one in the northern end of the state competing with the stunt riders from Hollywood. I took to the sport as a natural thing because my heroes were Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, John Wayne and all the older cowboys from the silver screen. It was my opportunity to ride in shoot and I became a very strong competitor. During my competitive life I won 10 world titles, numerous national titles, state titles in most of the Western states and so many other matches that I have lost count. In 1996 I met the love of my life who also enjoyed the sport and Gail (also known as Miss Wylie P. Fox) holds five world titles as well as the title of Mrs. Stone. Both my son and daughter hold world titles.

In 1996 I developed a system to acclimate horses to gunfire. This can be accomplished within 45 min. It is now being used throughout the United States in one form or another. I have also published articles in magazines and newspapers regarding mounted shooting and horse training. I have trained many world champions, national champions, and state champions. I had been considered one of the best trainers in the United States at that time. I am also sponsored by equine medicine company.

I am the trainer for the mounted police at the California State Fairgrounds to shoot from their horses. I have also choreographed and appeared in movie scenes for the History Channel along with my wife. I was asked to work on a couple of movies but the timeframe on those projects did not work out.

Gail and I are retired from the sport of mounted shooting. We now donate my time to teaching children and young adults about horses. We do this to teach people what horses see, do and hear as well as smell that cause them to act adversely to their riders and to hopefully lessen the chance of accidents involving you and your horse.

Our seminars are constructed in a manner that we hope you like. These are all free and we are doing this to pass on 88 years of experience (both bad and good) that we have acquired.


Current Activities:

Herb: Chief Executive Officer, CHPS, Inc.
El Dorado County Search and Rescue
El Dorado County Sheriff’s Posse
Stoney Meadows Ranch Maintenance Man
Father, Husband, Advisor and Family Counselor

Gail: Secretary/Treasurer, CHPS, Inc.
President, Fox Stone, Inc. (a Nevada Corporation)
El Dorado County Search and Rescue
El Dorado County Sheriff’s Posse
Stoney Meadows Ranch Executive Director
Mother, Wife, Dr. Mom, Communications Exec.